Steve Piscitelli

Advocates for community resilience by helping to create a safe place for community members to explore, learn, fail, and grow.

Facilitates pragmatic conversations to help audiences raise awareness, challenge assumptions, and create actions about their environments.

Focuses on the practical not the theoretical.

Recognizes you as a "thought leader" with valuable insights about your institutional culture.

Is a facilitator and author who draws on  66 years of life experiences (more than half of those in teaching and professional development opportunities).

Lives the mantra: Life is too short to associate with negative people, pessimistic attitudes, and “breaking news” alerts.

Loves where he lives, who he lives with, and what he does.

Takes time to build authentic relationships rather than manipulative exchanges.

Has written twelve books, written and recorded two music CDs, writes a weekly blog (approaching its 10th year), produces a monthly podcast channel and original videos for his YouTube channel (approaching 200,000 views).

Is honored when any group invites him to share time with its members.

Honors and Recognition:

Named one of the "Fabulous 50" at Florida State College at Jacksonville (a student-nominated recognition of "talented and dedicated faculty and staff."

Received special recognition from Jacksonville University with the addition of his name to the list of "Alumni You Ought to Know."

When he steps into your workshop or meeting, he educates, energizes, and entertains. Steve provides a memorable experience!

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Steve is not a life coach and does not provide legal advice. He facilitates conversations and helps your teams raise and confront important questions about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it.